ILN’s surveillance services will help you to pinpoint a person’s movements 24/7. Surveillance can be carried out over short periods (a few hours) or over longer periods (several days or even weeks) depending on the situation and your specific requirements. Our highly skilled surveillance operatives will follow your subject(s) discreetly without them being aware and provide you with the evidence that you need.

Surveillance can be useful for a range of circumstances. Below are some of the more common reasons for carrying out surveillance.

Matrimonial surveillance to find out if a spouse or partner is cheating

  • Confirming a person’s movements and who they are seeing
  • Locating a person’s place of work or their home address
  • Investigating benefit fraud
  • Investigating a person’s lifestyle
  • Matrimonial Surveillance 
  • Investigating drug or alcohol use or abuse
  • Insurance claims investigations
  • Corporate and Business surveillance

Using state of the art technology and surveillance equipment our private detectives are able to carry out effective surveillance in moving vehicles, on foot surveillance, and covert close proximity surveillance in buildings or bars / clubs etc (using hidden cameras). Our surveillance operatives carry out effective surveillance in a vehicle or foot.

Our surveillance operatives are able to initiate and complete the surveillance, obtain n the necessary evidence and disappear without the subject noticing that they have been followed. This is of paramount importance in order to protect our identity and to maintain the security of our clients.

ILN can also provide covert close proximity surveillance in buildings, bars, clubs etc (using hidden cameras).

We use state of the art covert surveillance and recording technology to ensure

  • Complete discretion when gathering the evidence that you need
  • Final reports are accompanied with video, dvd and photographic evidence

We can offer both male and female operatives that are fully trained in surveillance techniques and covert monitoring. In conjunction we can offer our interactive vehicle tracking service that enables you the client to visually see what your subject is doing thanks to our exclusive vehicle tracking platform. All you need is an internet connected computer and you can live track the subject from the comfort of your home or office.

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ILN Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We act and work within FCA rules and guidance and the Data Protection Act.