Arrears Collection

ILN specialises in Arrears Collections and like to adapt a sympathetic approach.

ILN aim to ensure they maximise the potential collection of your overdue accounts in a professional and friendly manner. As ILN work on behalf of their clients they ensure your reputation is not affected.

ILN have adapted their approach to ensure they are not listed as a robotic, agressive and unprofessional call centre but as a helping hand to both the debtor and client.

All of their collectors are based in the UK and have a passion for debt collection along with the relevant skills and qualifications required to ensure they abide by the FSA regulations and Data Protection Act at all times.

Each and every individual case is managed to ensure each case is run through the relevant processes.

In some cases we can offer a No Win No fee basis.

We aim to:

  • Commence your instruction immediately
  • Work within the duration outlined by our client
  • Strictly follow FSA regulations and Data Protection Act
  • 24 hour online access to our web portal which provides you with each case status

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ILN Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We act and work within FCA rules and guidance and the Data Protection Act.