Bug Sweeping

Are you worried that your home, office or vehicle is ‘bugged’ with a listening device?

Do you get feedback on car/home radios?
Do your lights unexpectedly flicker?
Do you hear strange noises on your telephones?

These can all be signs that third parties are eavesdropping on your private and confidential conversations. We check for bugs and spyware that use radio, telephony and data networks to transmit stolen business information to unauthorised parties.

At ILN we have counter surveillance specialists who are experts in the detection of, and protection from most forms of electronic eavesdropping.

Our solutions can generally comprise:

  • Radio frequency spectrum analysis to detect eavesdropping devices (bugs).
  • Through physical inspection of hardwired electrical elements by a NIC ICE electrician.
  • Cable and telephony inspection to locate the presence of listening devices.

Using our specialist equipment we protect your important business or personal facilities from threatening eavesdroppers, giving you and your clients the highest assurance of confidentiality and whenever we discover problems, we act quickly and decisively to eliminate the risks to your personal and business data.

ILN have been in the bug sweeping business for over 20 years and is expert on bugging technology including phone taps, transmitters, trackers, cameras and all other related gadgets. Our detection devices will give you peace of mind if you believe your home or office is being bugged.

We recommend that you call us if you have the slightest suspicion that a listening device has been planted in your home or office. There are several obvious indicators of covert eavesdropping, such as:

  • Unusual sounds or volume changes on your phone lines could mean that an amateur eavesdropper is listening in or you could simply be experiencing a flaw in the line. Professional eavesdropping equipment usually does not make such noises.
  • Sounds emerge from your phone handset when it is hung up could be an indicator that a line extender has been attached to your phone line or even a harmonica bug or transmitter but on the other hand this could just be a fax machine or modem calling the wrong number.
  • Static, popping or scratching on your phone lines could be a sign that an amateur spy has tampered with your phone lines or again it could be nothing more than a fault in the line or the handset.
  • Others know confidential information or activities when they shouldn’t, such as the details of a private phone conversation. Therefore, when the media finds out personal information about you or your competitors are exposing your professional trade secrets it is reasonable to assume that someone spying on you.
  • Electrical wall plates appear to have been moved slightly could mean that an eavesdropping device has been hidden inside or behind electrical outlets, switches, smoke alarms and light fixtures.
  • A small-sized discolouration has appeared on the wall or ceiling could indicate that a pinhole microphone or small hidden video camera has been recently installed.

There are certainly several other signs that your home or office is being bugged. We therefore recommend that you call us to discuss your concerns and we will advise you accordingly.

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